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Flexibility. Strength. Endurance.

Personal Trainer

Justin Egling

- Personal Trainer

Justin Egling

Justin Egling

Personal Trainer

Certified Personal Fitness Instructor

Justin Egling is a Certified as a Personal Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Sport Nutritionist, Pilates Instructor, CPR Certified and Training Rehabilitation.

Justin has over 20 years of personal training and fitness consulting experience helping people create a long-term fitness plan to achieve a life transformation by health and wellness.

Justin has trained many celebrities local and international.

Justin believes that real and lasting change can happen when we commit to health as a lifestyle.

Exercise, whole foods, and the right mind-set is the formula that leads to a vibrant, productive and full life for anyone who focuses on being the best they can be.

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Injury Reconditioning

Unfortunately for injured athletes, standard physical therapy services offered through insurance companies are limited to returning patients to “Activities of Daily Living,” often leading to results that are exactly that…Limited.

After a thorough, full body evaluation, my goal is to find the linchpin in your movement mechanics that ultimately leads to or causes your pain and/or injuries.  By identifying the source, I can create a systematic plan that addresses your unique case, and eliminate the cause, rather than just treating the symptoms. 

With a potent combination of the latest recovery technology, and my cutting edge performance training I can take you the rest of the way and beyond, helping you achieve a level of performance that outshines your pre-injury level. 

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Pilates classes build strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone with an emphasis on lengthening the body and aligning the spine, rather than on bulking and shortening the muscles.

Pilates has a focus on the core which can basically be thought of as the ‘powerhouse’ of your body. Your core is the area between your shoulders and your pelvis (without your arms and legs) and encompasses all the muscles within this area. The essential intrinsic core muscles are your Transverse Abdominus, Pelvic Floor and Multifidus muscles which we learn to train as part of the Pilates method.

Because of its core focus, Pilates is popular not only in the field of fitness, but also in rehabilitation. It can be used to progress individuals through movements that represent their day-to-day activities. The focus on strengthening the core and improving postural awareness are especially well indicated for the alleviation and prevention of back, neck and joint pain.

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Functional Training

Functional fitness exercises train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports. While using various muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time, functional fitness exercises also emphasize core stability.

For example, a squat is a functional exercise because it trains the muscles used when you rise up and down from a chair or pick up low objects. By training your muscles to work the way they do in everyday tasks, you prepare your body to perform well in a variety of common situations.

Functional fitness exercises can be done at home or at the gym. Gyms may offer functional fitness classes or incorporate functional fitness into boot camps or other types of classes. Exercise tools, such as fitness balls, kettle bells and weights, are often used in functional fitness workouts.

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Muscle Development and Toning

Toning, quite simply, is building muscle.  They are the same.  As muscle fibers grow and become thicker they feel tighter.  A larger and conditioned muscle will always feel more “toned” than a smaller unconditioned muscle (barring muscle tightness imbalances).  Body fat also plays a role…get leaner and suddenly feels tighter.

If you want to have a tight, lean physique, then train in a fashion that builds muscle most effectively.  Use heavy weights and do barbell and dumbbell movements.  If you happen to be part of the .05% of the population that builds muscle quickly, then slow down when you achieve your desired goal.  Don’t waste your time on programs designed to “tone and sculpt but not build” because it will take you much longer to get to your goals. I am here to help you to get to your goals….

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Weight Loss and Banishing Cellulite

As you start to lose weight off what I like to refer to as the “female problem areas” – the hips, buns, thighs and belly… you may notice a pesky little problem that can come along with losing weight. That’s right, cellulite. With spring and then summer looming in the not-too-distant-future, this little woe is something that I feel I should address.

The causes of cellulite are not completely understood, but some reasons range from genetic factors, to hormones to a high-fat diet. However, it does not explain why sometimes you may notice MORE cellulite as you begin to lose weight! You see, as you start to lose weight, your body fat “redistributes”, giving that lovely dimpled appearance. But wait – there is hope!

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Specialized Eating Plans

I do a Specialized Eating Plans that will suit you and your body.

Contact me today and let’s get you that body you want!

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Justin is professional and very good at what he does. Highly recommended to release knotted muscles and relax.

Lionel Millard

What I like about Justin is that he knows how to motivate you, he made each of my training sessions challenging but rewarding. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as your personal trainer if you want to achieve your fitness and health goals.


If motivation, flexibility, and a personal approach is what you’re looking for in a Personal Trainer, then Justin is the man for you! Justin is a professional outfit I can highly recommend.


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